Influencers — the new marketing force

Content that was once in the hands of only marketing and PR agencies is now in the hand of online influencers. In order to succeed with marketing through influencers on YouTube and podcasts, you need a long term and trustworthy relationship.

Ever since blogs first became a norm in online communication, companies have been working with their authors to market their brands and products.

It was only in 2016 that “influencer marketing” first became an accepted term. Influencer marketing is a method of gaining exposure for a brand or business through paying authors of content on social media.

Through their channels on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and podcasts, they then market your brand through videos, audio and other content.

To determine the success of the campaign, the company will often provide a specific coupon code for potential customers to use.

Using influencers to market products and services comes with a number of challenges. If you want to succeed in this kind of marketing, you need to rely on data, as well as the credibility of the influencer themselves.

Challenge #1: Identifying suitable influencers

According to the report The Rise of Influencers, 73% of all marketers believe that the biggest challenge in working with influencers is identifying the right influencer to collaborate with.

An effective way of finding the right influencer is to start collaborating with content producers that are already talking about your brand — something you can find out through our monitoring service.

Through searching All Ears archive, you can find mentions of your brand that you may never have found otherwise with a traditional text-based monitoring service.

Keywords that sometimes may not be written in headlines or descriptions of articles can often be difficult to find through other methods.

Challenge #2: Measure return on investment for your campaign

Working with YouTubers and podcasters is talked about with high expectations by marketers all over the world, but how do you know that your campaign is successful?

To begin with, you must identify what the goal of your campaign is: increase awareness of your brand, promote a new offering to your target group, or find a new one?

Once you’ve identified this, you’re on your way, and can start measuring your success!

Through measuring your reach and (if you’re using one) recording how many have taken advantage of your coupon or campaign code, you can easily measure your conversion rate. Don’t forget though that it may not be just paid influencers that might be talking about your brand.

With All Ears, you can measure the number of organic versus paid mentions your campaigns with online influencers have generated. These figures can be vital tools for your marketing or product development teams.

Challenge #3: Attract and engage influencers

Influencers with a high number of users can typically get a mountain of requests from companies who want to feature in their podcasts or YouTube channels.

Instead of wasting time sending emails to influencers, find out what they are engaged in and use it to help build your brand identity — then they’ll start talking about you anyway!

We monitor thousands of podcasts to find out when your brand is mentioned.

We monitor thousands of podcasts to find out when your brand is mentioned.